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Take A Walk Into The Past : Meet The Ancestors : Your Unique History

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Gordon McPhail established Ancestry Doctor in 1985, over 30 years ago.

His experience gained in the use of historical records for genealogy is

broad and he brings this knowledge of where and how to find sources

and the methods of research used

to regular classes and lectures held within the UK and USA and 

other locations.

The Lectures and one-off talks introducing the subject of 

genealogy, with a special Scottish/Irish and English slant

for those who have ancestors in these locations or whose immigrant ancestor 

originated from those countries.

The Classes are more in-depth and last 8-10 weeks: once

a week for 2 hours at a variety of locations. Teaching in class

involves learning about tracing your ancestors, the specific

record types and other historical sources and special

methods of research. During the course there are also

visits to actual archives to begin to trace your own

family tree.

Courses are more involved than classes and can run for

up to a year for students who want to go deeper and benefit more fully

from personal assisted research by the tutor

If you are interested to book for a lecture or enrol for a

forthcoming class, please e-mail


​to be sent our current Class and Lecture Programme.

Forthcoming Classes & Lectures


Edinburgh/Glasgow (Scotland)

Clyde College, Glasgow

London/Manchester (England)

Salt Lake City (Utah, USA)

e-mail for full details