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"Our ancestry was rooted in both England and Italy...Ancestry Doctor put together the perfect tour package, based on the huge amount of detail they had already found for us in our ancestral report. A non-stop experience packed full of well researched events and places to visit - the streets, villages, where our ancestors had lived, even where they had once worked (though now a derelict ruin) and all done with a professional commentary on the local social history of the times."

​James Lincoln, New South Wales, Australia


Clients for whom we have already carried out research, are sometimes 

curious to visit the exact ancestral locations - where their forebears lived.

This may be as part of a holiday or trip within their own country of

residence or it could be a trip abroad to Europe or Scotland, England or

Ireland  to be in the locality where ancestors lived their lives.

We offer such an Ancestral Tours service

tailor made to suit your vacation schedule and including

all the ancestral locations - addresses, places of work,

where they were born, married, died, and laid to rest -

that we have already discovered for you in your research report.

If you are interested in our Ancestral Tours service

please e-mail Ancestry Doctor founder and head researcher

Gordon McPhail directly at:


"I couldn't believe it...when we got to the actual street where they had lived, in Scotland. Then on the Irish side, although much had changed, the location was still rural and we could see where they had their lives - the same views, the same scenery. A highlight was being shown by Ancestry Doctor's expert Ancestal Tour Guide, where our people were laid to rest - the actual gravestones. And we met many people along the way, on the 3 day tour - some Ancestry Doctor had located for us, they shared the same ancestry as us...unforgettable!"

​Mrs. Joyce Jackson, St. John's, Canada